Service Projects:  Meerhof School


Golf Days


The Meerhof project has been running for over 60 years and Allen Joss has personally been involved since 1967. His father was one of those who was involved from the beginning.


Pretoria East appreciates the work involved and the support from the public and it is hoped that the event will be as great a success next year.


2016 Meefhof School Golf Fundraiser

It was a wet and windy night on Monday 14 March 2016 when Allen Joss and the Rotary Club of Pretoria East concluded another successful Golf Day to raise funds for the Meerhof School 2016 Kruger Park Trip.  The 2016 trip will cost over R100 000.00.

Judy Warren and Allen Joss were the main organisers of the golf tournament

Rotarian Grant Adam with Christine of Meerhof School and Ernie Sterne

Rose Robertson and Clive Perkins

Joyce, Judy and Cheryl with Clive

The Master of ceremonies at the evening function was once again Dale Hayes who managed to get full sponsorship from the golfing fraternity for all 50 students from Meerhof School to go on the 2016 Kruger National Park trip.




Kruger Park Trip


The annual Kruger Park Trip was again successfully completed as was the braai at the school and the Christmas party for the younger pupils at the School.


This year the Club hosted 32 handicapped children, nurses, catering staff and organizers on the annual trip to the Kruger Park for a week. The trip was a great success, thanks to our organisers, PPs Allen, Carl and the Meerhof team under the expertise of Christine from the Meerhof School, not to mention the kind assistance of the Parks Board.